This unique guide to audio and video production is designed for individuals seeking a fast track to a career in broadcasting, filmmaking, video production, sound reinforcement, and audio recording and mixing.

Hundreds of books on this subject are available, but many are over-written, inadequate, and overpriced for the Internet world.  This book is designed for beginners;   for those in a hurry to cover the basics and then move confidently into real-world production.  It is a no-nonsense, dynamic guide to what you really need to know.

Robert Maier has worked for thirty years in audio and video production. His award-winning programs have aired on ABC and PBS, and he produced several movies for New Line Cinema, including Hairspray.  He is the author of the book Low Budget Hell: Making Underground Movies with John Waters.  Mr. Maier earned a BA from The American University and an MA in Professional Communications from East Carolina University, He coordinates the Broadcasting Production Program at Gaston College in North Carolina.

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